Helen's Holiday Garden Watering Service

I can offer you a personal service of watering your garden, greenhouse, vegetable patch and house plants while your away on holiday.
Allowing you to enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind knowing that someone is personally going to attend to plants and dead heading as necessary, whilst your away.

Helen's Garden Watering


  • I would expect you to supply a garden hose and a watering can for me to do the garden watering while your away.
  • A meet and greet is required beforehand for a chat to discuss the service and to pick up any household or back gate keys for entry.
  • This is a simple garden and house plants watering service and fish feeding while your away on holiday.
  • I don't take on any other garden services.


What Does Helen’s Garden Watering Service Include?

  • Watering the lawn
  • Watering garden boarders
  • Watering hanging baskets
  • Watering pots
  • Watering vegetable and fruit patch
  • Watering house plants
  • Fish feeding service in household aquariums or outside ponds
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